Top 10 Colleges in Tezpur for Science

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Nestled in the heart of Assam, Tezpur stands as a beacon of academic excellence, emerging as a significant educational hub in the northeastern region of India. Renowned for its picturesque landscapes and rich cultural tapestry, this vibrant town is also home to prestigious institutions like Tezpur University, which has carved a niche for itself with its diverse and robust academic programs.

As the gateway to the educational aspirations of many, Tezpur’s commitment to nurturing young minds extends beyond its scenic boundaries, fostering a learning environment that is both inclusive and progressive.

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In the current era, science education holds paramount importance as it equips individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate and contribute to a world that is increasingly driven by technology and innovation. The study of science not only unlocks the mysteries of the universe but also lays the foundation for critical thinking and problem-solving abilities that are essential in addressing the complex challenges of the 21st century. As we stand on the brink of new scientific frontiers, the role of science education in shaping future leaders, innovators, and informed citizens cannot be overstated.

Top 10 Colleges in Tezpur for Science
Top 10 Colleges in Tezpur for Science

Criteria for Ranking

Faculty Quality

  • Faculty-Student Ratio: A lower ratio often indicates more personalized attention for students.
  • Faculty with PhD and Experience: The percentage of faculty members holding a PhD and their experience in the field.

Learning Resources

  • Library and Laboratory Facilities: The availability and quality of learning resources such as books, journals, and lab equipment.
  • Sports Facilities and Extracurricular Activities: The presence of well-maintained sports facilities and opportunities for extracurricular engagement.

Research and Innovation

  • Publications and Citations: The number and impact of research publications and citations.
  • Intellectual Property Rights: The number of patents filed or granted to the institution.

Graduation Outcomes

  • University Examination Performance: The performance of students in university-level examinations1.
  • Public Examination Performance: The performance of students in competitive examinations and other public assessments.

Outreach and Inclusivity

  • Diversity: The mix of students from different states or countries, as well as the percentage of women students and faculty.
  • Support for Economically and Socially Disadvantaged Students: Initiatives and facilities for students from economically and socially disadvantaged backgrounds.


  • Reputation: The overall perception and reputation of the institution among peers, employers, and the general public.

Placement Records

  • Employability: The success rate of students in securing employment post-graduation.

Top 10 Colleges in Tezpur for Science
Top 10 Colleges in Tezpur for Science

Top 10 Colleges in Tezpur for Science

1. Tezpur University

  • Integrated M.Sc in Bioscience and Bioinformatics: A unique program that integrates fundamental biosciences with computational skills, essential for today’s biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

2. Darrang College

  • Reputation: Known for its academic excellence and diverse science programs, Darrang College offers a range of courses in the pure and applied sciences.
  • Science Programs: Includes disciplines like Biotechnology, Botany, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and more, fostering a comprehensive scientific education.

3. Tezpur College

  • Contribution to Science Education: Tezpur College has been instrumental in providing quality education and contributing significantly to the region’s scientific community.

4. Girijananda Chowdhury Institute of Pharmaceutical Science

  • Specialized Courses: Offers specialized courses in pharmaceutical sciences, including B.Pharm and M.Pharm, catering to the growing demand for skilled professionals in the healthcare industry.

Other Notable Colleges

  • Tezpur Medical College: Offers medical and paramedical courses, contributing to healthcare and research.
  • LGB Regional Institute of Mental Health: Provides specialized courses in psychiatric nursing and related fields.
  • Biswanath College of Agriculture: Focuses on agricultural sciences and research, vital for the region’s predominant agrarian economy.
  • College of Fisheries: Specializes in fisheries science and aquaculture, supporting the local fishing industry.
  • Tezpur Law College: While not a science college, it contributes to the academic diversity of the region.
  • Tezpur Academy: Known for its focus on secondary and higher secondary education in science, preparing students for higher education.

Top 10 Colleges in Tezpur for Science

Academic Programs Offered

Undergraduate Programs

  • Integrated M.Sc.: Programs that combine bachelor’s and master’s courses, such as Integrated M.Sc in Bioscience and Bioinformatics.
  • B.Tech: Various specializations in engineering and technology, with admissions through national level exams like JEE Main.

Postgraduate Programs

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  • M.Tech: Advanced technical education in various engineering disciplines, with admissions through GATE scores.
  • M.Sc.: Specialized master’s programs in core sciences and emerging fields.

Doctoral Programs

  • Ph.D.: Research-oriented programs across various disciplines of science, fostering innovation and scholarly work.

Extracurricular Opportunities

Tezpur’s educational institutions provide a vibrant array of extracurricular activities that complement the academic experience:

  • Clubs and Societies: Students can join clubs that cater to a wide range of interests, from environmental science to robotics, allowing them to apply their knowledge practically and creatively.
  • Sports and Tournaments: Institutions often host sports events, encouraging students to maintain physical fitness and team spirit.
  • Research Internships: Programs like the Summer Internship Programme at Tezpur University’s Technology Enabling Centre offer hands-on research experience.
  • Workshops and Seminars: Regular events that bring students and experts together to discuss the latest scientific advancements and career opportunities.

These programs and activities are designed to nurture well-rounded individuals who are prepared to contribute to the scientific community both locally and globally.

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Placement Records for Science Graduates in Tezpur

The placement statistics for science graduates, particularly from Tezpur University, show promising trends. According to recent reports, the median package offered during placements for BTech graduates was INR 4.25 LPA, with a placement rate of 51%. For MBA graduates, the median package was INR 5.11 LPA, with a higher placement rate of 84%. These figures indicate a healthy demand for science graduates in the job market, with opportunities spanning across various industries.

Alumni Success Stories from Tezpur

Tezpur University has a rich legacy of alumni who have made significant contributions in their respective fields. Notable alumni include:

These individuals exemplify the caliber of education and training provided by Tezpur’s institutions, paving the way for future graduates to achieve similar success.

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Admission Process

The admission process for science colleges in Tezpur, particularly for institutions like Tezpur University, generally involves the following criteria:

  • Undergraduate Programs: Candidates should have passed Class 12 or equivalent examination with at least 60% aggregate marks or equivalent grade point, including subjects like Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry/Biology/Biotechnology/Technical Vocational subject.
  • Postgraduate Programs: For postgraduate courses, candidates are typically required to have completed graduation with a minimum of 50% marks, with a relaxation for SC/ST category students. Valid scores from entrance exams like CAT/MAT/XAT or ATMA may also be required for certain programs2.
  • Doctoral Programs: Aspiring Ph.D. candidates must meet the specific eligibility criteria set by the department they are applying to, which often includes a relevant master’s degree and qualifying examination scores3.

The admission process usually starts with filling out an application form, followed by entrance examinations or interviews, depending on the program and college.


Choosing the right science college is a decision that can significantly influence your future academic and professional trajectory. The right institution not only imparts knowledge but also shapes your values, hones your skills, and expands your network, all of which are crucial for a successful career4. Prospective students are encouraged to thoroughly research their options, visit campuses, and engage with faculty and current students to gain insights into the academic environment and opportunities available. This proactive approach will help ensure that the college you choose aligns with your educational goals and aspirations, setting you on the path to success.

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