How to say I Love You In Bodo Language

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I Love You In Bodo Language

In Bodo Language We Say “Ang nwngkhou mwjang mwnw” or Ang nwngkhou gwswthwiw”. Which English Meaning is I love you.

I love you – आं नोंखौ मोजां मोनो

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 Bodo language (also called Boro) is one of the most prominent languages of Northeast India. Originally, the language belongs to the Sino-Tibetan language family. This language is closely related to the Dimasa, Kokborok, and Garo languages of Assam, Tripura, and Meghalaya. The Bodo language is one of the 22 languages recognized by the government of India and included in the 8th schedule of the Indian constitution.

How to say I Love You In Bodo Language
How to say I Love You In Bodo Language

Basic Greetings in Bodo

Knowing a few basic phrases and words in Bodo. This is the best way to learn the Bodo language.

  • Hello – Khulumbai!
  • Welcome – Ador khalamnai
  • Whats up? – Ma khalamdw?
  • Whats your name? – Nwngni munga ma?
  • How are you? – Ma khobor?
  • Good morning – Gwjwn fungbili!
  • Good night – Gwjwn hor
  • Bye – Gwjwngthu!

Basic Bodo Language Words:

How to say I Love You In Bodo Language

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Besides greetings, these are some useful phrases and Bodo words to memorise.

2What is your name?Ma mung nwngna?
3My name is BaoringdaoAngni mung a Baoringdao
4How are you?Ma khobor?
5I am fineAng mwjangwi nwng dong
6Where are you from?Nwng bode jaiga ni?
7I’m from AssamAng Assam ni
8What do you do?Ma khalamw nwng?
9I do a job?Ang sakhri maoyw
10Where do you live?Nwng boha thayw?
11Nice talking to youNwngjwng railaina mwjang mwndwng
12What are you doing?Ma Khalamdwng nwng day?
13I’m doing nothingAng awrwinw dong
14I’m sleepingAng undun dwng
15What about you?Nwngnalai maewi?
16She is a beautiful girlBeyw sase somaina sikhwla mwn
17I’m happyAng gwjwnbai
18He has just leftBiyw dasw thangbai
19Daingli has to come hereDaingli ya beyau fwinangou
20What happened?Ma jakhw?
21Don’t make me angry!Angkow raga fwjwng nanga!
22I’m feeling sleepyAng undun awngkharbai
23It is very hot todayDinwi jwbwd
24Do you know to cook?Nwng songnw rwngou nama?
25Can you speak English?Nwng English railainw rwngou na?
26I want to learn Bodo languageAng Bodo swlwngnw lugwidng
27I like youAng nwngkow posaiyw
28Do you love me?Nwng angkow mwjang mwnbai na?
29I love youAng nwngkow mwjang mwnw
30I love you tooAngbw nwngkow mwjang mwnw
31I miss youAng nwngkow gwsw khangw
32I hate youAng nwngkow swiya
33How old are you?Nwngni besiwa beseba?
34I am 10 years oldAng 10 bwsowr jabai
35Did you eat food?Nwng jwmwng jabai nama?
36Are you fever?Nwng lwmjadw nama?
37Can you come here on Monday!Nwng sombar ao beohai fwinw hagwn nama!
38Yes, I’ll go on MondayAu, Ang sombar thangwn
39I’m busyAng besto
40GoodbyeMwjwng thangnwse
41I’m sorryKhema bibai
42Please forgive me!Onanwi nimaha hwdw angkow!
45Thank youSabaikhor
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